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Popular Ghanaian gay man turns evangelist



A famous gay man from Ghana identified as Aaron Akrong, has become an Evangelist, and took to social media to share the news with his followers.

Aaron Akrong, also reportedly ‘abandoned’ his former life as a line in his Bio reads ” I was once gay but now a child of God”

Confirming the story, Aaron wrote;

Having an encounter with Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me and am forever grateful. Grace gives hope to the hopeless, joy to the sorrowing, faith to the faithless, and life to the dying.
The word charis (“grace”) comes from a root meaning “to be joyful,” and the word is always associated with happiness and joy.

Grace means that God is for us even when we are against Him.

Grace refers to the active love of God streaming continually and generously as sunshine from the sun.
It’s not grace unless it is gratis, that is free. The word “grace” carries the meaning of generous gifts which have to do with redemption and all that goes with it.

Grace brings us all down to the same level because at the foot of the cross, there’s no economy class, and no first class; there’s only kneeling class.


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