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Lyta reveals what happened between him and former boss, Olamide (Video)



We recently brought you reports about he ‘issues’ between 18 year old singer, Lyta and his ‘former boss’, Olamide.

It all started with a rumor.. then the rumor was confirmed.

Several birds were saying Olamide might have chased out Lyta from the Record label.. and a quick check also showed that Olamide had unfollowed Lyta, an action which further fueled the rumors.

Immediately after the reports reached Olamide’s camp, the singer quickly placed a call through to NL to give details as to what led to the ‘brawl’ between himself and Lyta.

According to the details, Olamide revealed that Lyta left the Label on his own accord, as he claims he has someone who wants to sign him.

Apparently, after requesting to leave Mide’s camp, the singer gave him his blessings. NL reports “Olamide said that even though he knows Lyta was lying, he still wished him well regardless and then Lyta goes about saying different Negative things about him.”

A whole lot of speculations have been surfacing from different medium, but right now, Lyta had a sit-down with NL to reveal all that went down.

In the interview Lyta shed more light on the nature of his deal with YBNL from the start, how much he was earning, and allegations of being Jealous of Fireboy.


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