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Wow! This Imam Hides 262 Christians In His Mosque During Plateau Killings



An Imam has reportedly saved the lives of 262 people mostly Christians, when killer herdsmen invaded the village of Nghar Yelwa in Plateau State and killed dozens of people.

The attack was one of such numerous attacks that took place in other Plateau villages between Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24.

Muslim Fulani herdsmen were reported to have killed at least 100 people in several communities, leading to subsequent retaliation by locals who reportedly targeted Muslims in some communities.

According to a report by BBC Pidgin, the unnamed Muslim cleric opened his door to locals who were running from the attackers in Nghar Yelwa on Sunday. The people had been running from neighboring villages in Barkin Ladi local government area.

Many of those the Imam provided shelter for are said to be indigenous Berom people, mostly Christians, who were believed to be the primary targets of the devastating attacks.
In his words :
“I took the women to my personal house first to hide them before I hid the men inside the mosque,”.

When the attackers came around to ask the Imam to surrender Christians under his protection, he lied that they were all Muslims and begged them to go. His relentless persuasion eventually resulted in the attackers leaving the area without hurting anyone else.

The survivors now live in the mosque as their village has been destroyed by the attacks which left many without anything left. 79 people have been buried in the fields of Nghar after the attack.


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