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This Company Will Pay You Over $2 Million A Year To Sniff Armpits And Feet For Research



There are many jobs out there that pay well.

From being a doctor to a lawyer, the list is endless. However, these jobs are known to be for the “smartest of the smartest”. Like that one guy in your class who can ace every test thrown at him even though he spends the majority of time playing Call of Duty or whatever game is trending at the moment.

However, this job might be the first of its kind.

And it might just pay higher than what a doctor would earn.

armpit sniff, feet sniff

The Deodorant Tester

Yes, it’s a real job.

Who do you think checks if your deodorant works before mass producing it?

Being a deodorant tester can earn you big bucks. Earning up to a total of $2.7 million a year (roughly about $225,000 PER MONTH) the job requires you to sniff smelly parts of the human body on the daily.

armpit sniff, feet sniff
Jackpot For That Researcher With An Armpit Fetish

Outsiders might think that people who work as deodorant testers might have secret fetishes for armpits and feet.However, a senior member of the research staff working at Princeton Consumer Research begs to differ. The truth is, the researchers themselves find the job “pretty off-putting”.

I can’t imagine why.

armpit sniff, feet sniff
The Process

For testing conducted by the Princeton Consumer Research company, manufacturers from cosmetic companies will send in 10 different deodorant products at different strengths and concentrations.The deodorant would then be applied on the subject’s skin. Depending on the purpose of the research, it can be applied to either the armpit or the feet.

Afterwards, a paper cone is used to cup against the subject’s skin where the deodorant was applied.

After which, they will report their findings on a scale of 0-10. 0 being the weakest smelling scent and 10 being the strongest.

Princeton Consumer Research

Try Your Luck

If you are an aspiring researcher with a strong passion for smelling sweaty armpits and feet or if you just want to make some moolah, here is your chance.

You can send your information to Princeton Consumer Research’s official website and wait for a call from them!

Before you get your hopes up too high, I think now would be the right time for me to say that it is actually incredibly difficult to apply for a position there.

But there’s no harm trying. If you’re feeling lucky, try your luck and who knows… you might just be the next millionaire!


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