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News: We will give assent to establishment of college of nursing



The president and founder of the Well being foundation ,Mrs Toyin Saraki said she will put measures in place to give assent to ensure that the bill  for the establishment of the college of nursing and midwifery by the National Assembly  members .

She disclosed that she will liaise with relevant lawmakers that will ensure that the bill is given recognition. 

The wife of the senate president ,Mrs Toyin Saraki made the disclosure while on a visit to the Fct school of midwifery and nursing ,Gwagwalada,to commemorate the international day of midwifery .

Speaking further ,she said she will help speed up the process by creating an avenue where the student of the school , and the administrative staff ,will visit the legislative arm of the government to declare their need in this regards .

“Am hoping that this particular school of nursing which have not been accredited ,will be used a flagship model of authority in nursing school in Nigeria  ,and all over the world “

According to her ,with the  series of  activities ,that Well being foundation  has engaged  the midwives service scheme  with ,there have been  new innovation in the  nursing and midwifery profession,as the graduate of the school are able to meet up with world best standard .

“We have done  virtual training laboratory where skills are being taught in virtual class,and also the relevant practical class when they are in rural areas where there is no doctor “

In the same vein,the Well being Foundation president  said ,sepsis is a big health issue ,

and charged the nursing and midwifery student to maintain high level of hygiene while undergoing their school programme,and even after graduation “

“We looked at the sepsis statistics in Nigeria  ,and decided to do something in partnership with global WASH,and the WHO,by defeating sepsis in the country .

We want to defeat sepsis ,as well as diarrhea,through hygienic practice ,in the country “

While donating digital tools such as computer ,and e learning materials to the student of the school ,MRS Saraki noted that investment in the midwifery and nursing scheme is an investment to the entire nation “

“We hope to make this E learning  material available in every midwifery schools around the world .We are able to give them life training classes ,that will prepare them not to run away in case they are posted to rural areas “

“When the students are taught the basic rudiments of the nursing profession  ,they become competent ,and the result will show that they are really doing fine”

“We are training health workers ,midwives ,and doctors in the statutory skills maternal newborn and child management”

The country representative of UNFPA, Dr Diene Keita disclosed that the agency with the support of the government of Nigeria has been training nursing and midwifery workers on how to reduce  maternal mortality in the country .

She further disclosed that the body ensures that the welfare of the nursing staff is of high value to their employers .

“All over the world  it is known ,that when you give better welfare to the staff ,they will be able to give in their best at all times ,and save the lives of the patients “

The country representative ,also commended the Well being foundation for investing in the midwives scheme .

“We are very grateful to see such  international body supporting the  school of nursing and midwifery service scheme .The  donation for the young midwives to learn through the use of computer  aided learning skill is a step in the right direction.

A student of the  FCT school of nursing and midwifery ,Gwagwalada ,Adamu Khadijat said the digital learning tool will be very helpful throughout the duration of her school,and her entire  nursing career .

“With the  introduction of the digital laboratory ,we will be prepared before treating the patient,and will be at par with technological advancement in other countries of the world “

The principal of the school of midwifery and nursing school,Gwagwalada,Hajia Binta Danbatta called on the wife of the senate president to help in the passage of the bill for the establishment of the college of nursing and midwifery.

“We know that with your position as the wife of the Senate president ,you can help to speed up the procedure for the establishment of the school ,by  speaking up with relevant law makers that will give assent to the bill “

“We also want the Well being foundation to help in erecting and refurbishing new structures for the school “

While responding ,MRS Toyin Saraki said she will build new structures for the school.


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