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News: We seek for implementation of National action plan



The country director of global right ,Abiodun Baiyewu Teru has stressed the need to implement a national action plan   for the human right angle of doing business in the country .

While stating ,that  the National human right commission, has already started working on the national action plan ,and its implementation ,and ensuring that all stakeholders are brought on board .

She disclosed that there is need for government to regulate and protect business owners from the human right perspective .

The country director of global right ,Abiodun Teru made the disclosure while speaking with journalist ,during the National roundtable  workshop on business and human right in Abuja.  

According to her,the national roundtable on business and human right, was organized by the global right initiative, with the theme,”developing a national action plan for business and human rights in Nigeria”

“As a matter of fact, business should be largely private ,it is not the duty of the government to do business, but to regulate business and  create impact on the society “

Speaking further ,she said voluntary principle is  a necessary factor that guide business and human right issue .

“It is the strand that address the  issues of security and human right ,and how it  creates impact on the people.

Speaking further ,the Country director of global right, Abiodun Baiyewu-Teru said the full implementation of the national action plan will affect business positively .

“Business is as old as human civilisation ,and it is also what hold  socialization together.We need to impart on the people ,and at the same time,be able to make positive change in the country “

In the same vein,she said the government will protect organization, and help them in fulfilling their duties .

“Business is as good as human civilization ,we cannot take  away business from civilization  and social economic development .

From time immemorial, we  cannot deny the fact that business  has its own negative impacts”

In the same vein,she disclosed that government should provide adequate security for citizens in the Niger delta region .

“We found out that in the region ,there are several issues arising due to business operations in the state ,which  include fuel pipe installation ,and insecurity “

 While speaking ,the director planning national human right commission ,Mrs. Ifeoma Nwakama said, Nigeria has a national action plan for the protection and promotion of human right in Nigeria, 

While stating that the initial action plan that is currently being reviewed does not really have a section on business and human rights. 

” The inclusion of the National action plan for business and human right  need to be incorporated into the general action plan. 

“We at the National human right commission wish to have a larger audience ,so as to address the burning issues of human right in the country”

She added that the stakeholders roundtable is important to the national development of the country .


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