Group calls for day of national mourning


NEWS: Group calls for day of national mourning



Civil society coalition has condemned the high level of impunity and frequent killings in recent times ,and is therefore calling for a national day of mourning and remembrance in solidarity of victims of violence killings in Nigeria.

The former chairman of National human right commission ,Professor Chidi Odinkalu 

is calling on all Nigerians to wear black on  May 28, or a black arm band, or black ribbons as a symbol of solidarity. 

According to him,all Nigerians should come together and utilize social media to propagate the news .

“We are calling on all citizens  to utilize commemorative social network frames, or place black bands at the base of their medium including websites in solidarity. The hashtags are #NigeriaMourns #OneDeathTooMany #WeAreAllWeHave #NationalDayOfMourning”

“We want all  media outfit to have a running ticker of the hash tag on the  screen throughout the day and on the front page of newspapers”

As citizens and advocates, we demand that the dehumanization of Nigerian lives must stop. If the politicians are not going to provide leadership in addressing it, then we have a duty to say enough -is-enough”

According to the coalition ,the group  came  together to establish the civil society (joint Nigeria  crisis action committee (JN-CAC) to launch the #NationalDayOfMourning,  as a set activities for remembrance, solidarity and awakening to the challenges we must now confront in unity. 

“The national day of Mourning and remembrance is scheduled for May 28, 2018 and will be marked by a series of symbolic action.

 Through our actions we will console grieving communities across the country ,and we will acknowledge and accord dignity to every single Nigerian life that has been lost, or disrupted due to the  violent crisis”

The group is also calling on government ,political parties and institutions to fly the

 flags at half-mast for the entire day, while calling on Nigerians to observe a minute of silence at noon on May 28.0

Mr Jaiye Gaskia is also charging on all Nigerians to remove all religious and tribal sentiment and collectively seek for the progress of the country .

“We should take certain actions that protect the state, we require collective action from citizenry ,not wait for only the CSOs to make changes in the society “

“Our intention is that through these actions, we as a nation will rekindle our sense of unity by reminding ourselves that we are in this together and the office of the citizen is the most powerful office that can be occupied in this country. 


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