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Man bites off ex-girlfriend’s lip so he can ‘leave his mark’ for her next boyfriend (Photos)



A man viciously assaulted his ex by gnawing off her lip to “leave his blemish on her” for her next boyfriend.

A year after the occurrence, the victim, Kayla Hayes from Greenville, South Carolina shared photos of her horrendous wounds and talked about her experience to The Sun UK.

Kayla said she started dating her attacker Seth Aaron Fleury in 2016, when he was 21 and she was 17.

She said broke up with him after almost a year, because he treated her like “property“.

A few weeks later, as they tried to work things out so that he could “right his wrongs” before joining the Navy he became violent when she refused to get back with him.

According to her, Fleury tried to kiss her, but as she pulled him away, he bit her bottom lip so hard it almost completely tore off.

Kayla, now 19, said:

 “I met him down the street, he had flowers and cards, one about getting back together.

“After reading the cards, he asked: ‘Don’t you have anything to say?’ and I told him I was not there to get back with him.

“He told me to get out, so I did, and he threw everything at the back of my head. Once I got back into my car, my leg was shaking so uncontrollably that I couldn’t move.

“I saw him draw a breath and try to kiss me, as I pulled away he clenched down.

“I remember him latching onto me and my body being in shock, I didn’t feel any pain apart from the tear and I started screaming.

“He then dragged me by the hair and slammed the door in my face and drove off. It was crazy.”

Fleury was later arrested and pleaded guilty to assault and battery of a high aggravated nature. He was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Kayla who has been left with permanent scarring reportedly underwent emergency plastic surgery and received over 300 stitches around her mouth.

She continued:

“My surgeon had to cut all around my face and cheeks to bring the two sides of my lip together because it was torn off completely.

“I find myself insecure over the scars, it’s very hard as a young woman especially, but I can define my scars or have them define me, they show my story and what I have overcome.

“A piece of me died after the attack, at times I feel a great deal of sadness but now when I think about that day, I know I’m a stronger person today.”

“I have been told Seth did it intentionally and wanted to leave his mark on me for my next boyfriend.

“Seth was very controlling and treated me like property not a girlfriend, he was very manipulative.”


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