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I am not attracted to my wife again, she’s addicted to bleaching – Man cries out



One would think the menace of bleaching in our society would not be a thing anymore in 2019 as everyone now preaches the need to embrace one’s self but reverse is the case. We now have cases of marriages being on the verge of breaking due to skin toning by women. A Nigerian man has taken to social media to call out his wife who he described his wife as a heavy bleacher and he finds it hard to recognize her sometimes.   The man cried out for help as he no longer finds his wife attractive because she’s addicted to bleaching cream. Sharing his pains with Cynthia Valerian Raphaels he wrote:“Madam Cynthia, I sent you message since Thursday, is it not yet my turn? Madam Cynthia,i need advise.I am one man that love to take my woman out everywhere I go but for over 3 years, I don’t find my wife attractive anymore. She is a bleaching cream addict. I am tired of talking.

I have never told her I don’t like her skin. 15 years of marriage with 3 boys. She is still young 40 years old. If I tell her anything, about how the tubes she uses give her different colors on her skin, I will get a serious bashing and she will nag all day, that it is her skin, she has every right to keep it as she wants. She was a chocolate brown woman, these days, I can’t even say what color her skin is now.

I love my wife on mini things, these days, she can’t wear that. Sleeves she can’t even wear. If I get her cream that will look good on her skin, she will dash it out and buy all these bleaching tubes and the rest.

These days I feel pity for her because she too is even ashamed of what she has done to her skin. Is there any way out to get her skin back to normal or at least a cream that will tone it up a bit.

She never had stretch marks even after child birth, started using those stuff and now stretch marks everywhere . I need to help her because she is not too proud of her skin again. Let women in your forum help me get solution. Thank you madam Cynthia.”


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