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Explicit photo of R Kelly allegedly having sex with a minor



After the arrest of R Kelly, attorney Michael Avenatti has shared explicit photos of R. Kelly allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 14-year old victim.

Recall that the singer has been charged following video evidence of him assaulting the 14-year-old girl. Avenatti also shared details during a press conference addressing these photos, of how R. Kelly had sex with the 14-year old girl.

Read the full statement below;

Good afternoon. Let me start by thanking state attorney Kim Fox and her exceptional staff for their dedication and professionalism that they have exhibited while working with me and my clients over the last few weeks.

The city of Chicago and Cook County are very fortunate to have Kim Fox and her professional staff at the helm of this criminal prosecution and I am highly confident extremely confident that at the end of this journey, R Kelly will be convicted on multiple counts.

Miss Fox, from the very first moment that I approached her in connection with the information that we had uncovered has been nothing but dedicated and professional.

She gave me her personal assurance the first time that I met her in person earlier this month that she was going to see to it that a fair and thorough investigation was conducted by her office. That they were going to be diligent and beyond thorough as it related to getting to the bottom of this evidence and potentially bringing criminal charges against R Kelly.

This has not been a rush to judgment by any stretch of the imagination they have been very thorough as I said earlier, dedicated and methodical in their investigation.

I presently represent six clients – two victims two parents as well as two whistleblowers who can both be described as knowing R Kelly and being within his inner circle for the better part of 25 years.

My office was originally retained in April of last year by a concerned parent. We began a thorough investigation, we traveled the United States, we interviewed witnesses, we uncovered documents and we did so very very quietly so as to ensure that no complaints could later be made that we were pursuing this for any other reason other than justice.

Again, we began in April of last year. Earlier this month, we uncovered and recovered a videotape of over 40 minutes in length. We promptly brought it to the attention of Miss Fox and others in her office.

This tape leaves no question as to whether R Kelly is guilty of multiple sexual illegal acts against a 14 year old girl.

The tape was shot in the late 90s approximately 1999. It depicts two separate scenes shot on two separate days within Mr. Kelly’s residence at the time.

The audio on the tape is clearly, you can clearly listen to it it is clear. The video is far superior than the video that was used in connection with the 2008 trial. It is an entirely different video.

Repeatedly on the video, both the victim and Mr. Kelly referred to the victim’s age as being 14. That occurs in excess of 10 separate times on the video both the victim and mr. Kelly can be heard referencing her age.

It is also clear from other things that are depicted on the video that this was in no way role playing during some sexual act. It is clear that this young lady was 14 years of age during the time the video was shot.

Mr. Kelly, throughout the video stops what he’s doing, stops his acts of sexual assault and he needs to move the video camera and adjust the camera angle zooming in, changing the direction of the shot and things of that nature. So there’s no question that he knew exactly what he was doing at one time or at one point in time on the video.

In the first scene it is clear that Mr. Kelly is having the victim watch another piece of pornography which appears to be him with yet another young girl on a big-screen television in the background.

Repeatedly on the video, the young lady refers to mr. Kelly as daddy. The video depicts mr. Kelly engaged in oral sex with the young victim, both receiving as well as giving, as well as vaginal intercourse and anal penetration.

There are also instances of Mr. Kelly urinating on the young girl on the videotape.

This video was turned over again to Miss Foxx and others in her office earlier this month within days of our recovery of the tape. We have since provided additional information and evidence to Miss Fox and others in her office.

We envision continuing to do so because our investigation is not complete. We are aware of two other tapes in existence one of which we have recovered. The second of which we are in the process of recovering and as soon as we do, we will be providing those tapes as well to miss Fox and others in her office.

Today marks a watershed moment in the 25 years of abuse by this predator known as R Kelly.

He together with those that enabled him undertook a course of action over two decades to abuse and sexually assault young girls especially many of whom were the most vulnerable in our society.

Girls that many would not listen to, girls that came from very tough times in tough neighborhoods in many instances. These were the most vulnerable and yet this predator mr. Kelly preyed on them repeatedly.

I want to send a message to the enablers of mr. Kelly to the agents, the managers and the attorneys and the others who stood idly by and looked the other way and turned a blind eye as he assaulted for over two decades. I will not rest until each of you is brought to justice.

We will uncover evidence relating to your participation in these crimes. Mr. Kelly did not do this alone. He did so with the assistance of all of these folks and it was all let’s be clear in the interest of money.

These people, these agents, these attorneys and these managers, they looked the other way while these young girls were being taking advantage of instead of doing the right thing because they didn’t want to kill the Golden Goose.

They didn’t want to interfere with their own individual paydays and as far as I’m concerned they are just as guilty as the predator R Kelly.

It is disgusting and every parent in America should be disgusted not only by the conduct of mr. Kelly but by those that turned a blind eye, that looked the other way while this occurred for over two decades.

As a father of two teenage girls 14 and 16, I am especially outraged and disgusted by this conduct and the amount of time that it is taken to bring this predator to justice.

I stand here before you as a father and as a man that believes in the rule of law and that of justice, with a sense of satisfaction, temporary satisfaction today as a result of these very serious charges but our job is not done.

We are going to continue to represent our clients, we are going to continue to do what we’ve done for over ten months all in the pursuit of justice and what is right.

I am highly confident that mr. Kelly will be convicted.

I am confident that he will be convicted in other jurisdictions as well and he will rightfully die in a prison, somewhere whether it be in Illinois or elsewhere in America.

He should never walk free another day in his life as a result of the over two decades of abuse that he dished out and participated in time and time again.


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