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“Abuja men are wayyyy better in bed than Lagos men” – Nigerian Lady concludes



Everyone seems to be more vocal on Social media these days and one could easily associate that to clout chasing. A Nigerian lady has taken to her Twitter page to reveal that Abuja men are by a long shot between in bed that Lagos men in a research she recently concluded.

In an already deleted tweet a Lagos based lady revealed that Abuja women are enjoying because their men give better dick that Lagos.

She wrote;

Abuja men give way way wayyyy better dick than Lagos men. Studies have finally been concluded today.

Abuja women are enjoying o,please take me back 

See reactions from her followers below.

Abuja men on a whole new level of sexual enhancement… – @gucchijones
Have you tried warri yet? – @WarriTweet

You haven’t been to Enugu  – @DJNero__Zee

Ladies and gentlemen Abuja remains undefeated – @andy_dangeross

You have been studying it?? Can you confirm this please ! – @eddybrown009

If all i do is drive flashy cars on free roads with a well drafted business proposal and i don’t pay rent at all. i will have energy and time sha. – @miraACE

Exactly. The higher the risk. The highest the pleasure – @gora_jpg

What did you expect? They don’t have to worry about traffic so they take their time with you. – @munamike

Your preek count go don race 2,000. Mama the mama – @tafabip


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